Truman Area Barn Quilt Trail


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Here in Truman, the Barn Quilt movement began when Rhonda Kuhlman painted several quilt blocks onto her shed.  The idea also quickly took off in the area, and soon friends and neighbors were being asked about putting quilt blocks up on their barns.  Now, you can find a number of area Barn Quilts hung on more than just barns.  Some choose to decorate small sheds, others mailboxes.  Some now display quilt squares as small garden stakes.  However you see them, or even choose to display them yourself, we hope you enjoy both the craft and heritage that Barn Quilts represent!


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Dick Pat Eckmann Quilt

11. Dick and Pat Eckmann-Martha Washington Star

Dick & Pat Eckmann
2198 240th St.
Truman MN 56088

Darrell Janice Buhman Quilt

Darrell and Janice Buhman-North Star

Darrell and Janice Buhmann
206 3rd Ave E.
Truman MN 56088

Truman Gifts Flowers Quilt

Truman Gifts & Flowers-Unknown Star and Nine Patch

Truman Flowers & Gifts
101 N 5th Ave. E.
Truman MN 56088

Scott Wink Quilt

Scott Wink Quilt

Scott Wink
302 N 2nd Ave E.
Truman MN 56088

Waverly Town Hall Quilt

22. Waverly Town Hall

Waverly Town Hall
2204 160th Ave.
Truman MN 56088

Waverly Barn Quilt

25. Waverly Lutheran Church-Harvest Star

Waverly Lutheran Church
1333 220th St.
Trimont MN 56176

Duane Myrna Behrens Quilt

33. Duane and Myrna Behrens-Garden of Eden (3 stars stand for Father,Son & Holy Spirit)

Duane & Myrna Behrens
1692 160th Ave.
Fairmont MN 56088

Mildred Brodt Quilt

35. Mildred Brodt-Blazing Star

Mildred Brodt
1807 140th St.
Fairmont MN 56031

Heritage Acres Quilt

37. Heritage Acres-Blazing Star

Heritage Acres
507 Lake Ave.
Fairmont MN 56031

Dan Lori Krome Quilt

34. Dan and Lori Krome-(2 Quilts)Lori’s Star and God and Country

Dan & Dr. Lori Krome
2116 150th St.
Fairmont MN 56031

Dennis DianeWedel Quilt

40. Dennis and Diane Wedel-Carpenter’s Wheel-(view from 70th St.)

Dennis & Diane Wedel
682 180th Ave.
Fairmont MN 56031

Rick Smith Quilt

41. Rick Smith-Tete-a-tete

Rick Smit
2584 50th St.
East Chain MN 56013

Gordon Loretta Luckow Quilt

42. Gordon and Loretta Luckow-North Star

Gordon & Loretta Luckow
829 245th Ave.
Fairmont MN 56031

Michael Becky Tonne Quilt

36. Michael and Becky Tonne

Michael and Becky Tonne
2464 140th St.
Granada MN 56039

Roger Brenda Kotewa Quilt

32. Roger and Brenda Kotewa-Laced star

Roger & Brenda Kotewa
1673 230th Ave.
Fairmont MN 56031


31. Craig and Marilyn Carrigan-Evening Star-Carolina Lily

Craig & Marilyn Carrigan
1893 230 Ave.
Granada MN 56039

Larry Annette Bremer Fence Quilt

30. Larry and Annette Bremer-Fence Corner Barn quilt-change w/seasons

Larry & Annette Bremer
1948 Hwy 15
Truman MN 56088

Kirk And Kay Vogt Quilt

27. Kirk and Kay Vogt-Diamond Star

Kirk & Kay Vogt
2084 Hwy 15
Truman MN 56088

Brad Laurie Sherman Quilt

28. Brad and Laurie Sherman-Mrs. Holm’s Diamond

Brad & Laurie Sherman
2191 240th Ave.
Truman MN 56088

Roger Anita Block Quilt

29. Roger and Anita Block-Windmill

Roger & Anita Block
2134 250th Ave.
Truman MN 56088

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