Truman Area Barn Quilt Trail


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Here in Truman, the Barn Quilt movement began when Rhonda Kuhlman painted several quilt blocks onto her shed.  The idea also quickly took off in the area, and soon friends and neighbors were being asked about putting quilt blocks up on their barns.  Now, you can find a number of area Barn Quilts hung on more than just barns.  Some choose to decorate small sheds, others mailboxes.  Some now display quilt squares as small garden stakes.  However you see them, or even choose to display them yourself, we hope you enjoy both the craft and heritage that Barn Quilts represent!


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Dave Lin Hendricksen Quilt

18. Dave and Lin Hendricksen-A Dog’s Life

Dave & Lin Hendricksen
2808 240th St.
Truman MN 56088

John Joanne Sherman

17. John & Joanne Sherman-

Arnold & Lila Kesler
2295 Hwy 15
Truman MN 56088

Arnold And Donna Bentz Quilt

21. Arnold and Donna Bentz-(2 quilts) Harvest Star and Fence Post

Arnold & Donna Bentz
2188 220th St.
Truman MN 56088

Main Fringe Barn Quilt

15. Mane Fringe-Star Variation

Mane Fringe
133 W Ciro
Truman MN 56088

Pubic Utilities Barn Quilt

14. Truman Public Utilities-Star of Bethlehem

Truman Public Utilities
202 W Ciro
Truman MN 56088

Tads Timless Treasures Barn Quilt

13. Thad’s Timless Treasures-Pinwheel

Thad's Timless Treasures
142 West Ciro
Truman MN 56088

Truman Museum

16. Truman Museum-Ohio Star with Museum logo in center

Truman Museum
109 W Ciro Street
Truman MN 56088

Penny Ritter Quilt

12. Penny Ritter-Sunbonnet Sue & Dog

Penny Ritter
202 E Ciro St.
Truman MN 56088

Dallas Becker Quilt

10. Dallas & Wendy Becker-Star Flower

Dallas & Wendy Becker
2486 State Hwy 15
Truman MN 56088

James Barb Shoen Quilt

9. James & Barb Shoen-Stepping Stones

Jim & Barb Shoen
2143 250th St
Truman MN 56088

Curtis Pat Jones Quilt

8. Curtis & Pat Jones-Road to Damascus

Curtis & Pat Jones
43637 State Hwy 15
Truman MN 56088

Lyle Greiner Quilt

7. Lyle Greiner-Trip Around the World

Lyle & Laura Greiner
82109 420th St.
Truman MN 56088

Jane Traver Quilt

6. Jane Traver-Bridle Path

Jane Traver
83997 420th Street
Truman MN 56088

Alan Tadd

5. Alan Tadd-Blazing Star

Alan Tadd
41245 830th Ave
Truman MN 56088

Mike Susan Haycraft

3. Mike and Susan Haycraft-Dutch Barn Roof

Mike & Susan Haycraft
38361 Hwy 15
Lewisville MN 56060

Kuhlman 4 Quilts

2. Chad Urevig-(shed)-Maple Leaf, Milky Way, Palm Leaf, Big Dipper

Doug & Rhonda Kuhlman
37126 State Hwy 15
Lewisville MN 56060

Robert Luther Quilts1

1. Robert Luther-Level Four, Checkerboard, Ohio Star

Robert Luther
37229 790th Ave
Lewisville, MN 56060

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