Electric, water, and wastewater utilities are municipally owned.  The Truman Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has been providing reasonably priced, reliable service since 1938.  For service calls during the day or for after hours emergencies, contact the PUC at 507.776.6501 .  The forman’s Contact information is in the city directory.


Truman Public Utilities customer service is located at 202 West Ciro Street.  Please stop in to establish new service or, if you’re leaving us, to disconnect your service.  (If you are a new customer, you can expedite the hookup process by having this form filled out in advance.)  Your monthly bill can be paid in person at this office as well.  Truman Public Utilities provides recycling, water, sewer, and electric services to residents within city limits.  The office is open 7 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday.  For more information stop in, call 507.776.6501, or email us.


Natural gas, refuse, and cable TV are privately owned and franchised through the city.  (An online guide for Truman’s cable TV lineup is available.)  DIRECTV  (https://www.directstartv.com/paquetes-en-espanol/)or DISH Network will provide satellite TV service to your area.  Other cable TV information is available at CableTV. Information regarding those services can be found in the relocation guide on this site.  Telephone service is provided by AT&T or  Frontier Communications. Frontier also provides DSL service and other high-end technologies to Truman residents and businesses.  Internet Service can be provided by  MVTV Wireless or HughesNet, and there is also a website which can give you options as to which internet provider will work for best for you.  Click http://www.internetproviders.com/high-speed-internet/ for more information. 


Click here to pay your utility bill online
Or toll free to make payments 24/7:   844-693-6243


FOR APPLIANCE REBATE FORMS, click here- Appliance Rebate Forms

*When submitting your form, also include a copy of the sales receipt and documentation showing that it is an ENERGY STAR appliance.

*To qualify, refrigerators and freezers have to be recycled. They cannot be relocated to the basement, garage or to a friend or relative. The appliance store needs note it on the sales receipt that it was recycled by them.